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The Scorpion Stinger Dip Mix

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The Scorpion Stinger Dip Mix

This is our HOTTEST dip mix! Some serious heat in this one on a 1-10 scale it's a 15. It's not just about the heat though it also has great flavor from the onions, red & green bell peppers, garlic, habanero peppers and other herbs and spices. This dip gets its heat from the Trinidad scorpion pepper.

Makes 2 cups of creamy dip

To make a creamy dip. mix contents of package with
2 cups sour cream

**To make a "skinny dip" use plain yogurt or lite sour cream. It can also flavor hummus as well.

Ingredients: onion, red and green bell peppers, herbs and spices, garlic, sea salt, Trinidad scorpion pepper, habanero pepper.

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