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Need a little spice in your dinner?  Wanna dress up your dessert? Or do you just want a new recipe to try? Let us help!!! Here at Country Road Cupboard we strive to make the best of everything. Our bold and flavorful dip mixes are one of a kind and multi functional. Not only can you have a flavor filled chip and veggie dip, you can have a down right ahhhmazing dinner that everyone will talk about! Below are just some of our personal favorites and some recommended to us from friends and family! If you have come up with a recipe using one of our mixes please use the form below to send it to us and if we feature it on our recipe page you will get credit for the recipe and a free mix of your choice. Make sure when you send it to fill out the contact portion so we can get in a hold of you. Enjoy!

Smokehouse Cheddar Onion: This particular dip mix makes an awesome burger. This is all you need to make a plain old burger into a flavorful party must have!

                *1 tablespoon of dry mix to 1 pound of hamburger meat.

Mix the dry mix and your burger meat all together, patty out the meat into the perfect size burger, fry them up and enjoy! Yep it’s really that easy.....

Ghost Pepper Punishment: Want to change up the American comfort food? This makes a great meatloaf! Yes a meatloaf! This is the only way we make ours now.

                *1 tablespoon of dry mix to 1 pound of hamburger meat

Mix the dry right into your hamburger meat along with all your other ingredients. Bake the meatloaf just like normal and serve with all your favorite side items.

Queso Fiesta: Just like the name implies this is great addition to your favorite Mexican dish. This dip can also be served warm to top off some nachos or tacos. I personally like to spread it on top of burritos.

                *1 package of Queso Fiesta and 1 block of cream cheese and some milk.

Combine the package of mix, cream cheese, and milk and simply throw it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. Check the mixture to make sure everything mixes together and stir. This mix will make your taste buds dance the night away...yum!

Bacon Jalapeno: Don’t let the jalapeno scare you. This mix is all about the flavor not the heat so much. Depending on your tolerance you may get just a little bite. I personally like this one on a baked potato. For that matter even mixed in mashed potatoes changes the same old side item to a burst of flavor.

                *1 package mix and 2 cups sour cream

Mix the dip together and top off your baked potato or use it to substitute the milk and butter in mashed potatoes. Sounds too easy? It is that easy!!

Dill Pickle: Who doesn't like dill pickles?? I mean really, they are the best right?! Wanna try something new? This one is the NEW you are looking for! My personal favorite thing to do with this one is to make a cucumber salad with it. I know everyone makes this salad differently so I'm gonna tell you how to do it my way .

                *1 package dip mix and 1 cup sour cream plus 1 cup REAL mayo

Mix the dip together with your sour cream and mayo and chill for 1 hour. Once chilled slice and dice up your cucumber into quarters and add to the dip. Now from here is where your recipe comes in. I’m not all the great at eating onions so I simply stop there, but feel free to add your personal favorites to the mix. This is only one way I make mine. Now for the second way I do it....mix everything the same as above but add one more ingredient... 1 pound of boiled pasta.

Creamy Cracked Crab:  Don't let the name fool you...there is NO crab meat in this mix. It just tastes like it to give even the seafood hater in your life something new and amazing to try. Now you can get creative with this one! I have 3 different recipes for you......are you ready?

                *1 package dip mix and 2 cups sour cream

Mix the dry mix with your sour cream and add 6oz crab meat into it. That’s it!! Turn the mix into a great addition for your seafood craving.

                *1 package dip mix 1 8oz block of cream cheese and some milk

Mix everything together and stick into the microwave for 90 seconds. Stirring occasionally to make sure everything is mixed together, now the fun part add 6oz crabmeat to the warm dip and serve over approximately 1 pound pasta for a flavor filled wine and dine night at home!

                *1 package dip mix 1 8oz block cream cheese and some milk and a bread bowl loaf

Mix everything together and stick into the microwave for 90 seconds. Stirring occasionally to make sure everything is mixed together. Add 6oz crab meat into the warm mix. While that’s cooling pull the middle out of your bread and place it to the side. Pour the mixture into the bread bowl and use the pieces pulled to dip into the mix. Does it make you feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant should. It's that good!

The Best Beer Cheese: We might be tooting our own horn here but it is the best to us and our dip loving customers. While it is great as a cold dip it is even better as a warm dip. Wanna know how....

                *1 package dip mix and 1 8oz block cream cheese and some milk

Mix the package, cream cheese, and milk together and put in the microwave for 90 sec. Stir occasionally to make sure everything is a mixed together. Here it is the perfect dip for soft serve pretzels on game night! Or you can spice up your scalloped potatoes with this warm dip and no one will fight you to much if you accidently add some beer to it....just sayin.

Cheesy Bacon: Anything with bacon in it just belongs in potatoes. At least that's what I think. On top of bacon there is cheese so yea it belongs in potatoes. You can mix this in mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or even put in on top of a baked potato. Here's the secret to an amazing side dish...

                *1 package mix and 1 cup sour cream with 1 cup real MAYO

Mix the dip just like the package says to and add the dip right into mashed potatoes, no need to add butter or milk (unless you want to add some) I wouldn’t add to much though. Or add the mix to already baked scalloped potatoes and top them off with your favorite garnish. The easiest way to use the dip is to simply put it on top of a baked potato along with all your other fabulous toppings. You will never eat potatoes the same way again with this dip mix around!

 Garden GarlicSo this little gem can do so many fantastic and flavorful dishes.  Everything from making delicious mashed potatoes, amazing pasta salad even a satisfying chicken dinner.  My personal favorite way to use this one is to sprinkle it on top of pot roast in the crock pot. Here's what you will need....

                *1 package mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup mayo (MASHED POTATOES)

Mix the dip mix with 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream and mix it directly into your mashed potatoes for a delicious side dish.

                *1 package dip mix and 1 pound boiled pasta (PASTA SALAD)

Mix the dip mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup REAL mayo. Have the boiled pasta in a bowl and ready for the mixture to be added to it. Mix everything together and add all of your favorite garnishes and any other ingredients to it.

                *1 package mix (CHICKEN AND ROAST)

You can use this particular mix as a dry rub or a seasoning for that something special added to your main dish. This is all about taste and how much garlic you want to taste. I personally just sprinkle the mix on top of the meat I am cooking.

Horseradish Onion: Neither of us likes Horseradish, but we know people who do. We made this one and tested it out on a bunch of people and everyone who tried it loved it! So I’m going to tell you how they eat it and you can enlighten more people with your version.

                *1 package mix and 1 cup sour cream with 1 cup real MAYO

Everyone we talk to use the dip mix as a sandwich spread. Some of the sandwiches mentioned are roast beef, hamburger, and prime rib. This mix takes place of your mayo.

Zest Veggie:  As much as this dip is fantastic with a number of veggies, it also makes a great chicken seasoning or hamburger seasoning. It also adds that something extra special in mashed potatoes and in pasta salad.

                * 1 package mix 1 cup sour cream with 1 cup real MAYO

To mix the dip into your mashed potatoes or pasta salad: mix the dry with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup real MAYO. Add the mixture right into your mashed potatoes (no need for butter or milk this way) and mix everything together. PASTA SALAD: mix the dry mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup real MAYO. Make sure that your pasta salad is ready, mix everything together and garnish or add in your favorite vegetables to make a great and satisfying pasta salad.

                * 1 package dry mix

This is very easy to do. All you need is the dry mix to sprinkle it onto your chicken to season it, or to make flavorful hamburgers add 1 tablespoon (dry mix) per pound of hamburger meat and patty out to fry or throw on the grill.

Smoked Ranch: As you can imagine by the name this is not your normal ranch dip. This dip gives you that kick of smoke to make it memorable and satisfying. All your friends and family will want this recipe from you. This one is an outstanding chip dip, but it can be so much more. This particular mix will and does flavor meat very well, whether it is chicken or hamburger even turkey it is sure to please.

                *1 package dry mix

All you need to do to make a flavorful main dish is add 1 tablespoon (dry mix) to your meat. That’s’s that easy!

Roasted White Cheddar: Did someone say pot roast? Do yourself a favor and add this one to it. Throw everything together in the crock pot and make this a mouthwatering meal. If you really love this dip try it in mashed potatoes or mac and cheese....yes I said mac and cheese.

                *1 package dry mix 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup real MAYO

Mix the dry package with 1 cup MAYO and 1 cup sour cream and mix it directly into your mashed potatoes or right into your mac and cheese.

POT ROAST: Sprinkle the dry mix right onto your pot roast while it is cooking in your crock pot. This will season absolutely everything even your carrots! Not only can you use this on pot roast but you can even use this one to season your scrambled eggs.

Herb and Onion: This makes a fantastic veggie dip, but it will also season your steamed veggies!!! And of course try it on fried potatoes!

                *1 package dry mix

As easy as it is to make a veggies dip with this one it is also that easy to season your veggies and your fried potatoes. Just sprinkle it on your steamed veggies or on top your fried potatoes to taste.

Country Spinach: Can't go wrong with this one. This is a fantastic dip mix but it also makes a great bread dip with pumpernickel bread (or whichever bread you want). You could even get away with added it to your pasta salad or using it as a sandwich spread for your favorite lunch time snack.

                *1 package dry mix and 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup real MAYO

Mix the dry with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup real MAYO and add it to your bread bowl, sandwich, or pasta salad. Don't forget your favorite toppings.

The Scorpion Stinger:  Use caution with this one. It's HOT!!! now for those of us that like our taste buds use this one with 2 cups sour cream (or more). For those of you that are living life on the edge, I'm gonna give you some recipes that we have heard of.

                *1 package dry mix

We have heard this being used for a spicy version of chili, pork chop seasoning, chicken seasoning, steak seasoning, or you can use it to spice up your homemade jerky! Add the dry mix to taste......but remember once you add this without any dairy to help cover up the capsaicin it will DOUBLE in heat level!!! This has the 2nd hottest pepper in it so it will be HOT!

Smoke and Fire: The name says it all with this mix. You get a smoky flavor along with some fire!! This is a great dip for wings or to spice up some pork chops and chicken. We were also told that this one does great as egg seasoning.

                *1 package dry mix with 2 cups sour cream

To make a wing dip or chicken strip dip, mix the dry mix along with 2 cups sour cream. To use this as a seasoning just sprinkle it on top of whatever you warned this one will get hot as a seasoning. It does also have the second hottest pepper in it.



We have four outstanding dessert mixes, PINEAPPLE, WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY, ORANGE DREAM, BERRIES AND CREAM, they are sure to please anyone’s sweet tooth! Now all of them can do the same exact thing so I’m gonna give you a few examples of what we like to do with them. My personal favorite is to use them on waffles!!! You can do any of the following with them:

                Make a cheesecake......waffle topping...fruit dip....graham cracker dip.....vanilla wafer dip...cake frosting...cupcake frosting....bagel topping.

                *1 package dry mix 1 8oz block cream cheese and 1 tub cool whip

Make sure that your cream cheese is softened (microwave 30 secs) mix everything together and pick your pleasure!