A fun, fantastic, BOLD fundraising opportunity!

Are you looking for an easy, fun and great way for your organization to fundraise? Want to make 50% for your organization?Then we have a solution. Try one of our dip mix or wine slush mix fundraisers.

What makes our mixes different you ask? We double the amount of ingredients in our dip mixes for BIG BOLD flavor that you can really taste. We also set ourselves apart with our unique flavors and try to have a choice for everyone from our sweet desserts to our SUPER HOT and everything in between.

You can do just dip mixes, just wine slush mixes or a combination of both. we let you decide which is appropriate for your organization. We have order forms for all 3 options.

We offer 50% profit to your organization with our fundraisers.

Your organization will pre-sell using our fundraiser order forms (shown above). Our selling prices are individual packs @$6.00 per pack, you keep $3.00 per pack and 4 pack combos @$20.00, you keep $10.00 per combo. Once your fundraiser is complete email us for an excel sheet to total up your final numbers. We will then give you a discount code to place your order on our website via credit card or if you want to submit payment via mail you can send a business check, money order or cash at pick up, then sit back and wait for great flavor to show up. We ship your order in 2-3 weeks of receiving payment. Please note, we have a $100 minimum for free shipping.

We travel to southern events and take our down time during the winter so our fundraising season runs from April through December. Fundraisers can start in March but can't be submitted until April 15th and all fundraisers must be ended and submitted by December 1st so that we can get it completed and delivered to you in time for the holidays.

 You can download the how it works and confirmation agreement (highlighted in blue below) to get started with your fundraiser. Once you complete the confirmation agreement and send it back to us, we will ship out your fundraiser order forms and let you get started.

How it works

Confirmation agreement